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“Genome Engineering for Humanity”

SynThese™ antibody discovery platform striving for
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“Global Biotech Company Focusing on SynThese™ platform-based Antibody Drug Development”

HuMab’s vision is growing into a global biopharma company that focuses on developing innovative therapeutic interventions for patients with medical unmet needs by utilizing SynThese™ transgenic mouse platform, developed from our proprietary AiCE® (Artificial interspecies Chromosome Exchange) technology, and by establishing strategic alliances with global pharmaceuticals.

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HuMab is developing SynThese™, a fully human antibody discovery transgenic mouse platform which harnesses HuMab’s proprietary AiCE® technology.

AiCE® technology enables the replacement of the immunoglobulin (Ig) genes in the transgenic mouse with the entire human Ig genes in the SynThese™ platform and overcomes the technical limitations of the current transgenic mouse platforms that typically requires a long-term development process.

This next-generation SynThese™ platform emerged from AiCE® technology further accommodates donor cell variations during the platform development, which greatly increases the heterogeneity and diversity of fully human antibodies against target antigens, showing superiority over the 2nd generation BAC clone mouse platforms that generate the limited antibody repertoire. Therefore, fully human antibody discovery from SynThese™ mouse platform generates fully potentiated mature antibodies with the highest success rate in clinical trials.

The global market for immunotherapy using a fully human antibody is growing faster, the value of which reaches to over 40 billion USD. Antibody discovery using transgenic mouse platforms are recognized as a top-notch technology in the field of antibody therapeutics. HuMab, fully equipped with SynThese™ platform, strives for becoming a global leader of biotech business by putting continuous efforts on an innovative research for developing novel antibody therapeutics and expanding pipelines that are directly translational to the clinic.

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Making a big step towards a “Hidden Champion” biotech by establishing SynThese™ antibody discovery platform

In Phase 1, we prove the competitiveness of HuMab’s SynThese™ platform technology in the market. Our goal is to develop excellent antibody drug candicates and run pre-clinical trials in order to secure patent rights for the novel antibody therapeutics that is viable for licensing out to global pharmaceuticals.


Gaining recognition as a leading biotech by
co-developing the ”Best-in-class” antibody therapeutics through strategic alliances with global biopharmaceuticals

In Phase 2, we prove the economic value of SynThese™ platform technology by successfully licensing out its IP obtained in the previous phase.
In this phase, we will launch the “best-in-class” antibody therapeutics in the market through successful strategic alliances with global pharmaceutical companies and create royalty income.


Moving forward to become a global biopharmaceutical company by successfully launching the “First-in-class” antibody therapeutics that meet medical unmet needs

In Phase 3, we step up to become a global biopharma that develops innovative “first-in-class” antibody therapeutics based on the new drug development capability and know-how obtained through strategic alliances.


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