Genome Engineering for Humanity


Genome Engineering For Humanity
Next-generation Transgenic Mouse Platform for Fully Human Antibody Drug Discovery

SynThese™ Antibody Discovery Platform

Development of fully human antibody drug candidates against the specific antigen and the assessment of drug efficacy and safety.
Establishment of fully potentiated mature mAb library that is naturally selected from transgenic mouse platform.

* Antibody discovery using transgenic mouse platform is recognized as a top-notch technology, displaying a technical superiority over conventional Phage display antibody screening.

B cell maturation process, comparable to human adaptive immunity

Antibody candidates with the highest success rate in clinical trials *

Development Process of Fully Human Antibodies utilizing SynThese™ Transgenic Mouse


human Ig gene transfer
into mouse ESC

Applying AiCE®


Development of SynThese™ transgenic mouse which has a full set of human Ig genes

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Immunization with
Target antigens

Humoral immune


Antigen-directed B cell stimulation and proliferation


Selection of antigen-specific plasma B cells


Fully human mAb production /
Biophysical characterization

  • Development of fully human (or humanized) monoclonal antibodies (mAb) using transgenic mouse platforms is recognized as a top-notch technology, displaying a technical superiority over the conventional Phage display antibody screening and the subsequent time-consuming IgG conversion process. A large number of human mAb antibody therapeutics have been developed from transgenic mouse platforms.
  • SynThese™ platform, harnessing AiCE® technology, provides the most effective solution for developing fully human antibody therapeutics. This next-generation mouse platform enables us to generate fully potentiated mature antibody candidates against target antigens in a time-efficient manner.
  • SynThese™ mouse platform establishes a fully potentiated mature mAb library against the target antigens by employing intact mouse B cell maturation process and natural selection of mAb candidates with improved antigen binding affinity and biophysical properties. Furthermore, SynThese™ mouse platform equipped with chromosome-level replacement of human Ig genes possesses the highest numbers of VDJ gene segments among transgenic mice platforms, increasing diversity of fully human mAb repertoire and thus, readily obtaining a variety of drug candidates for target indications.

Expected outcomes

  • 01

    Development of fully human antibodies
    A higher success rate in clinical trials

  • 02

    Antibody selection from the intact mouse B cell maturation
    A highly stable and potent human antibody therapeutics

  • 03

    Ready-to-test human antibody candidates
    Shortening the time and efforts on R&D process

Beyond the Limitations : A Next-generation Transgenic Mouse Platform

Technological Evolution of Antibody Discovery Transgenic Mouse Platforms

mouse and plate mouse and plate mouse and plate
1st Generation 2nd Generation 2.5 Generation 3rd Generation SynThese™
Core Technology Origin of human Ig genes BYC or YAC clone BAC clone Synthetic genes Human chromosome
Genetic engineering method Conventional Cloning BAC Engineering Gene synthesis Targeted chromosome replacement
Gene transfer strategy Random Integration Targeted Knock-In Targeted Knock-In Targeted Knock-In
Functionality Antibody maturation Low Middle-High Middle-High Middle-High
Antibody diversity Low Middle-High Middle-High High
Platform flexibility Middle Middle-High Middle-High High
Competitive Landscape Developers Medarex Abgenix Ligand Kymab Regeneron Trianni HuMab
Constant region Human Human Rat Mouse Mouse Mouse Human
Human VH diversity 4 17 22 43 47 44 46
Human VLK diversity 4 17 12 37 23 39 42
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High number of Antibody candidates

  • Antibody diversity plus heterogeneity from AiCE®-based multiple antibody discovery platforms that encompass racial variations in human Ig genes
  • High probability of retrieving rare mAb clones with a greater therapeutic potential

High success rate in Clinical trials

  • Chromosome-level replacement with human immunoglobulin genes
  • Fully human antibody derived from natural antibody maturation with the improved biophysical properties


  • Method for producing a transgenic non-human animal having a genome comprising a humanized immunoglobulin locus

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